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The Ultimate Guide to Plant Selection for Landscaping Design

Selecting Landscape Plants: A Guide

This article provides information about perennials, annuals, ground covers, vines, shrubs, and trees that are widely used in landscaping design if you need help choosing plants for your garden. Research into the qualities of the particular specimens under consideration should always be the basis for plant selection, but occasionally a compromise may be necessary. But, there is no time when such research is more important than when choosing trees for your environment. The various plant varieties to take into account when designing your landscape are listed below.

Ground Covers Types

Some ground covers are foliage plants, which means they have pretty leaves but aren’t well known for their magnificent flower displays. This category includes Blue Rug Juniper, a very well-liked ground cover for hillside landscapes. But a lot of homeowners desire more from a ground cover. Both soil erosion control and abundant blooming are requirements they place on it.

Trees Types

You can also err in other plant-selecting categories. But, placing a large tree where it does not belong can lead to major problems in the future. Many homeowners end up paying to have a dangerously overhanging tree limbed (or removed entirely).

Perennial Kinds

Growing perennials is almost always associated with flower gardening. If you don’t want to have to replant annuals every year, planting anything (perennials) that grows year after year is a no-brainer for low-maintenance landscapes.

Garden Shrubs

Shrubs can also be arranged according to their intended usage. The same care should be taken when choosing plants for places around the house as with trees. Since they stay compact and require less upkeep, several shrubs make suitable options for foundation plantings. Roses are so well-liked and pleasing to the senses that they practically constitute their subcategory of plants.

Vine Selection

Some people categorize vines in the same way as they do with shrubs, perhaps even more so. Some gardeners love vines to the hilt due to their adaptability and energy. However, you do need to choose your plants carefully.

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